Jitender Kumar Singla Launches Four Seas Hotels in Dubai.

 Jitender Kumar Singla, an Indian billionaire and the founder of JK Group of Companies, has acquired the next prestigious Four Seas Hotel in Dubai. It is one of the best 5-star hotels in Dubai including clubs, restaurants and luxury rooms. 

Jitender kumar singla the chairman of Four Seas Hotels conducted the first pooja ceremony on 9th April 2024. Jitender Singla celebrated this pooja ceremony with his family and colleagues. Jitender Singla welcomed everyone on his special occasion.

Next Success for the Hard Work | Four Seas Hotel | Jitender Kumar Singla

 Jitender Kumar Singla, an Indian billionaire and the founder of JK Group of Companies, recently acquired the prestigious Four Seas Hotel in Dubai. This luxurious 5-star hotel offers top-notch amenities such as clubs, restaurants, luxury rooms etc…

As the chairman of Four Seas Hotel, Jitender Kumar Singla conducted the first pooja ceremony on April 9th, 2024. He celebrated this auspicious occasion with his family and colleagues, welcoming everyone to join him.

Jitender Kumar Singla | Opening Ceremony of the Main Kitchen | Six Seasons Hotels


Jitender Kumar Singla the Chairman of "Six Seasons Hotels" introduces here about the new Hotel in Dubai. Six Seasons Hotels will be one of the best Hotels in Dubai with an Indian Traditional Style. Dubai Billionaire Jitender Kumar Singla takes over Regal Plaza Hotel in Bur Dubai, renovated and Relaunched as "Six Seasons Hotels". Jitender Kumar Singla will announce the final grand opening of the Six Seasons Hotels. On this special occasion, Abhishek Tripathi the Managing Director of six seasons hotels and his family, Hotel Staff joined in this ceremony. The opening Ceremony was done with the Indian traditional prayers. 

The success years of Indian Billionaire Jitender Kumar Singla.

 1. Jitender Kumar Singla Owned Bristol Hotel in Dubai.

The Indian Billionaire Jitender Kumar Singla launched his Five-star Hotel at a Gala Event in Dubai. The old JW Marriott hotel was renamed Bristol Hotel and on his 50th Birthday Jitender Singla announced his big launch in the presence of his family, Office Staff (JK Group of Companies)and his high-profile friends from India and Russia. 

2. Jitender Kumar Singla remodelled and relaunched Regal Plaza Hotel under "Six Seasons Hotels".

Jitender Singla announced his second hotel on Dadadasaheb Pahalke Award Films International 2023 in Dubai. The Regal Plaza Hotel will be remodelled and relaunched under "Six Seasons Hotels". After receiving his second Best Icon Businessmen of Dubai Award, Jitender Singla announced his second hotel launch.

Jitender Kumar Singla was invited as the Chief Guest at Durga Devi Puja in Punhana - Haryana


The Big Festival of Durga Devi Pooja was held on March 25. Shri Jitender Kumar Singla (Indian Billionaire, Best Icon Businessman Dubai 2022, 2023) was the distinguished guest on this big day. On this day guests like shri Bhani Ram Mangla(chairman of Haryana Gau Seva Aayog), shri Balraj Singla (Muncipality Chairman of Punhana), Maneesh Jain (Muncipality Chairman of Ferozepur), Jawahar Mangla (District Head of Bhatta Association) participated.

More than 1000 people attended the worship of Durga Devi from Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, etc...Shri Jitender Kumar Singla thanked the festival's coordinators and welcomed everyone. Jitender Kumar Singla is from the bedida family in Haryana. On that special occasion, he welcomed his family and said he was delighted to stand in front of everyone in his hometown as the Chief Guest.

Dubai Billionaire Jitender Kumar Singla takes over Regal Plaza Hotel in Bur Dubai will be renovated and Relaunched as "Six Seasons Hotel"


JK Group of companies founder Jitender Kumar Singla Indian Billionaire takes over the famous hotel Regal Plaza Bur Dubai, this is one more beautiful property in his kitty as he takes over 2nd 5-star hotel in Dubai. The hotel will be fully renovated and launched in the first week of June '23 as "Six Seasons Hotel"

Jitender Kumar Singla is a close friend of Dr Jitendra Matlani Business tycoon and famous social icon of Dubai. Dr Jitendra Matlani told the press that Hotel will be fully renovated as new and will be inaugurated in June before that a soft launch will be done before EID in April '23.

Hotel Regal Plaza is a legacy hotel of Dubai with a famous  RockaFellas Club Situated at an appropriate location near Sharaf DG metro station Bur Dubai convenient for tourists will be inaugurated with a new Name Six Seasons Hotel this will be one of a kind luxurious experience.

We are delighted with our expanding Dubai hotel portfolio with Six Seasons Hotels. We are looking forward to the inauguration, said Mr Jitender Kumar Singla, the Indian Billionaire of Dubai.

Abhishek Tripathi has been appointed as Managing Director of Six Seasons. Abhishek Trpathi said We believe that our guests will appreciate the ambience, location and modern-day entertainment we offer with our beautiful property and the combination of our expertise in hospitality and the stunning new design of Highline by SixSeasons will make an exceptional impression in Dubai.

Dr Jitendra Matlani Congratulated Jitender Kumar Singla Chairman of JK Group of Companies for one more feather in his cap and told us that during the announcement of the takeover of the property at a gala event many high-profile dignitaries were present along with many famous films and TV celebrities, Indian Actor Salman Khan's Bodyguard shri Gurmeet Singh Jolly (shera), Indian Actress Rakhi Sawant was joined on this special day.

Indian Billionaire Jitender Kumar Singla's 50th Birthday Celebration at Bristol Hotel, Dubai


At a gala event in Dubai, Indian Billionaire Mr Jitender Kumar Singla launched his 5-star hotel in Name of The Bristol Hotel earlier the property was managed by J W Marriott group of hotels at Deira Dubai. At the event high profile guest were invited from all over the world, Singla old friends also came in from Russia for the Launch of the hotel and to celebrate his 50th birthday. On his birthday with many precious gifts, JK Singla received a very special gift directly from the office of Mr Putin President of Russia.

Mr Matlani Dubai-based business tycoon and a close friend of Jitender Kumar Singla said that Singla is a Dubai-based Indian origin Billionaire who spent 27 years of his life in Russia, he came to Dubai in 2018, Chairs multiple business organizations. Jitender Kumar Singla is planning to launch an automobile start-up in 2023. Jitender Kumar Singla has also started a Shark TanX company in Dubai to help start up's which is proving financial backup to new small and medium businesses. 

Singla apart from his business engagements is very active in several social causes. Helping various NGOs. He is very friendly and all his close friends call him JK with love. Indian Billionaire Jitender Kumar Singla (Founder of JK Group of Companies) met Zimbabwe President Mnangagwa in 2022. Today, with Mr Singla at its helm the JK Group of Companies is a conglomerate that has diversified to include a multitude of fields such as Real Estate in India UAE, Education, Alcohol import, Car rentals, retail sector to name just a few. Jitender Kumar Singla is also an angel investor offering financial help to promising start-ups Internationally. Jitender Singla is a Senior President of DPIAF UAE and he got awards for best icon businessman in Dubai 2022 and also for the International Peace award 2022.

Jitender Kumar Singla Launches Four Seas Hotels in Dubai.

 Jitender Kumar Singla, an Indian billionaire and the founder of JK Group of Companies, has acquired the next prestigious Four Seas Hotel in...