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The JK Group of companies is a legal entity owned by Mr. Jitender Kumar Singla. The JK Group of Companies is involved in real estate, investments, food and beverages, education, and automobiles. Jitender Kumar Singla is one of the most trusted and promising businessmen in the UAE, India, and Russia, so he disdains fraudulent business practices. In UAE, India, and Russia, the JK Group of Companies is one of the fastest-growing companies in real estate, investments, food and beverage education, and automobiles because Jitender Kumar Singla has maintained his trust since the beginning of his business. Jitender Kumar Singla's hard work and dedication have made JK Group of Companies a big brand in Russia, the UAE, and India. The JK Group of Companies has acquired expertise in Europe and Asia over the past 30 years. It strives to become the most customer-centric group to create a place where people can discover anything they desire.

Zimbabwe's New Hopes:
The CEO of JK Group of Companies, Mr. Jitender Kumar Singla, met with the president of Zimbabwe on 13 May 2022, promising some development projects for Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe is being positioned as one of the most advanced countries in Asia by the JK Group of Companies. To ensure Zimbabwe becomes one of the most advanced countries in Africa, Jitender Kumar Singla has the support of the Silicon Valley of India. As a result of their core experience in Europe and Asia for the past 30 years, the JK Group of Companies is ready to invest in the Construction of new economy-class housing societies, shopping malls, and other real estate developments. There will also be good opportunities in the coming year to establish new start-ups such as online market b2b and b2c businesses, retail supermarkets, agriculture, mining, liquor manufacturing, and much more.

Jitender Kumar Singla
Indian billionaire Jitender Kumar Singla Meets Zimbabwe President

JK Group of Companies Culture:

A positive, well-defined, and well-communicated work culture.
High interaction among employees.
International Exposure.
Multiple Industries Experience.

There are 6 Business under the JK Group of Companies:

  • HomeX Builders and Developers
  • HomeX stays – Short Rental
  • Visotka - Gourmet Trendy Liquor House
  • AutoX Preloved Cars – Rental cars and Sell Purchase Company
  • Shark TanX – Investment Body
  • Schools

HomeX Builders and Developers

One of the best Real Estate companies, dealing in construction and renting in India. dealing in sales, purchases, renting of real estate, and renovating old buildings and apartments. The company took permission from different departments to develop new construction sites and also specialized in interior exterior design for apartments and farmhouses.

HomeX stays

It is one of the best companies providing luxury apartments in Dubai and also provides hotel apartments in Dubai, furnished apartments in Dubai, flats for rent in Dubai, and apartments for rent in Dubai.


Visotka Private limited introduces more than 50 foreign liquor brands to India. In India, Visotka is one of the top Gourmet Trendy Liquor Houses. Visotka offers only high-quality drinks and the best conditions to its partners. The company also provides quality expensive wine.

AutoX Preloved Cars

AutoX Preloved Cars is one of the top companies for buying and selling used cars in Dubai.

Shark TanX

It is the best investment platform for small and medium businesses in the UAE.

Jitender Kumar Singla
Jitender Kumar Singla Meets Zimbabwe President

Jitender Kumar Singla Launches Four Seas Hotels in Dubai.

 Jitender Kumar Singla, an Indian billionaire and the founder of JK Group of Companies, has acquired the next prestigious Four Seas Hotel in...